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    Mario Guillen 2016 D1 State Champion 126 pounds

  • 16903245e 14585904513409

    Moises Guillen 2016 D1 State Runner-Up 138 pounds

  • Brock jones 2 7 14585905383239

    Brock Jones 4th place 2016 D1 State Tournament

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    The Hive has moved. Here is a map of the location. We will begin the year at the NEW FACILITY!

The Perrysburg Wrestling Club is committed to instructing and training young athletes in the sport of wrestling. We offer a variety of training programs that are geared towards both beginning and advanced wrestlers. Beginning wrestlers will learn the fundamentals of wrestling including takedowns, escapes and pinning combinations. Experienced wrestlers with a solid fundamental base will work in separate groups to learn advanced techniques.

For a complete schedule of dates, please click on the Calendars tab on the top and/or refer to the agenda posted below. If you would like more details about any of the events listed, you should click on the event and then choose 'more details.' You will also have the ability to get directions to all venues this way.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at

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