December 06, 2017

Update on Bellevue Tournament on Sunday 10Dec17

There have been a few changes recently learned concerning the Bellevue Tournament (Black, White & Gold) - most notably weigh-in and entry forms...See below.

  1. Those that will be entering in this tournament, be aware that if your wrestler wants to obtain OAC seeding points, you must

register and pay through OAC (

2. For those that do not want OAC points, fill out the registration form (in "Downloads" section) and bring payment (to PBWC) to practice tonight.

3. Due to tournament rules, we will NOT weigh-in tonight for the Bellevue tournament!! You must weigh-in at the tournament on Sunday at your specified times. Note this tournament is running a split schedule. See the registration form for more details.

Note: we will still weigh-in tonight for this Friday's Jacket Duals, however.

4. All wrestlers must fill out the registration form as part of the entry into the tournament- EVEN IF YOU REGISTERED ONLINE- it is still required. The completed forms can be turned in tonight as well. We will have some copies, but please try to bring your own.