October 06, 2018

Youth Parent Meeting Summary

Hello Parents!

Below is what you missed on Sunday!

1)     Introduction of Board and Coaches

2)     Review of Levels of Programs

a.     Stingers- New wrestlers learning basics of wrestling. Focus on training, minimal competition. Will wrestle until Feb 2rnd (Novice State). Stinger can move to Black

group during season.

b.     Black- Intermediate wrestlers focusing still on basics and adding competitive schedule. Can participate in Duals. May be able to move up to Gold during the year.

Wrestles through OAC State Tournament in March

c.      Gold- Varsity group. Competitive travel schedule, focusing on OAC State Tournament, Elite wrestler.

3)     Intro Camp- We recommend this camp if you are new prior to registering to make sure your child like the sport before you pay the fee

a.     Dates are Oct 29th and Nov 1st. Two Day Camp- Registration will post soon. Keep a look out

4)     Season Starts Nov 1st- Registration is open now

5)     Fees have increased this year and we have introduced a fee structure for out of school district memberships.

a.     We have increased fees because:

                                                      i.     Our rent has increased at the Hive and it will continue to increase over the next few years.

                                                     ii.     Are utilities have increased as well

6)     Gear Orders

a.     Gear store is open and will close Nov 1st. We will have a second order in November but those will not come until late December possibly after the Holiday

9) Fundraising- We can support the club expense through the memberships fees and fundraising. We run a few events each year to ensure this happens.

1)     NWO Youth Football Challenge Oct 27th and 28th

a.     We run a 12u/10u Football tournament and raise fund for the program.

b.     Please click the sign up genius below to help.

c.      https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c4fafa928a1fe3-oct27th

2)     Laundry Soap Fundraiser

a.     Our goal is that everyone sells AT LEAST 5 buckets. If you sell more great! The owner of the company will provide pretty cool Perrysburg Wrestling Gear to the


b.     PDF Forms are attached. If you need a sample you can contact him. His info is on the form

c.      Start selling now, due Nov 21st. Delivery to Hive 1st week of Dec

3)     OAC GS District Tournament

a.     This year, we have the honor of hosting the OAC District Tournament. It will be held in January. We will send sign ups out at a later date for concessions,

admissions, tables, weigh ins, etc

b.     This tournament was pre-scheduled on the same date as our normal Biddy PIT tournament Right now, we will not be hosting the Biddy PIT tournament. We will

resume Biddy PIT in 2020.

4)     Biddy PIT Tournament

a.     Will be resumed in 2020

b.     We will send sign ups out at a later date for concessions, admissions, tables, weigh ins, etc

5)     Big Ten Duals

a.     Feb 3rd

We will have another meeting the first week of November