New Parents

As a new wrestling parent, you may have a number of questions or concerns heading into the year. This page should help alleviate some of those issues and anxieties.
Who We Are: The Perrysburg Wrestling Club has been around for nearly 20 years and we are proud of what we have created, who we are and what we represent. We believe that we are comprehensive and varied enough to serve everyone from the first year wrestler to those who do, or hope to, compete at a National level. Beyond that, we believe that we are not just about what we do on the mats, but who we become on and off the mats. We believe that wrestling cultivates confidence and reveals character and that the experience your child has with PWC will not only make him a better wrestler, but also a better person.
What We Expect from You: We want you to be the parent and leave the coaching to the Coaches. If you wish to be involved in Coaching, please see me and I will help you initiate a Background Check with USA Wrestling and we will get you into a position to Coach ALL of our members. If you are not willing to do that, then you should simply remain in the Parent role and be supportive and positive. The first step is getting the kid to love the sport of wrestling and making sure that the message received is consistent and positive. Let the Coaches coach and avoid offering your child potentially conflicting information. Beyond that, always remember that you represent PWC when you go to Tournaments and no one will embarrass us or soil our reputation. Just wait, after your first year, I will bet that you begin thinking ‘not these parents again’ when you go to Tournaments. We don’t want to be ‘those parents’ and/or end up being stigmatized as a group. We believe we are a first class organization and we expect you to represent us as such. These are children competing in a sport. Don’t embarrass yourself and keep all of this in perspective. If a Coach ever tells you to leave matside during a match, it would be in your best interest to do so.
Email Distribution List: The best avenue for communication is email. Each week, I will send out “The Weekly Buzz” with important information for the upcoming week. It is important that you fully read these emails so that you are informed and ‘in the loop.’ If you need to add an address to this list, please send that request to  If you do not have a Smart Phone and you would like a specific text notification for weather issues and/or cancellations, please provide a phone number and the service provider for that number in an email and I will create an additional contact.
Calendar: You will want to review the Calendar for upcoming Events. When you view the Calendar, all Youth Events are noted with the word Youth as well as the color green. These are the Events that concern you. You should review this Calendar frequently as Tournaments are being added as they are announced.
Practice Schedule: With regards to Practice, time and location will never change unless something drastic occurs. You will want to note that since we do not Practice at a school, our intention is to have Practice even when school is cancelled (conditions at 6 AM are much different than those at 6 PM). Should Practice ever be cancelled, that will be noted on the Website and I will send out an email to everyone on the Email Distribution List.
Scrimmages: Two Scrimmage dates have been posted. The Scrimmages are intended for ALL Club members. They are specifically designed with our Rookie/Novice guys in mind and we encourage all Rookie/Novice guys to attend these. Full details are posted on the “Scrimmages" web page.
Tournament Schedule: When you click on a Tournament in the Calendar, you will see which Club members should consider going to each Tournament. As a new Club member, you will be looking at attending mostly Rookie/Novice Tournaments. On the Calendar, you will want to note that some events have an “(R)” included in the name. This signifies events for new Members. All Rookies will compete in our Biddy P.I.T. Tournament as their first Tournament. Once we get information from more Clubs, I will post on the Calendar which Tournaments will be best for Rookies. Outside of Biddy P.I.T. Tournaments can be paid for a la cart.
Gear: We do not require members to purchase a singlet. Members are welcome to wrestle in shorts and a tight-fitting shirt. The one ‘must have’ would be shoes. We do have some available on a first-come, first-serve basis (with the understanding that you will return them at the conclusion of the season). Outside of shoes, headgear and/or mouth guards are optional.
Cleanliness: Obviously this is a MAJOR concern. It really does only take one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch. Please give your child frequent skin checks and make sure he is showering immediately after every practice. He should be using an anti-bacterial soap and the active ingredient we recommend is Triclosan. Some popular choices for soap are Hibiclens and Defense. With regards to gear, shoes and head gear or knee pads should be thrown in the washer at least every 2 weeks.
If you have any additional concerns, you are always welcome to contact me, and I welcome you to Perrysburg Wrestling Family.
Jodi Burnett, President
Perrysburg Wrestling Club
Pride – Sacrifice – Dedication