Wall of Fame
Perrysburg Youth Wrestling Wall of Fame
2014-15 OAC Qualifiers (5) and Placers (3): Hayden Encalado, Alex Garee (7th), Anthony Helton, Marcello Helton (Champion), Ryan Musgrove (6th)
2014-15 OAC Novice Placers: 2 - James Ingle (2nd), Jake Wood (2nd)
2014-15 OH-WAY Qualifiers (12) and Placers (5): Ryan Avalos, Hayden Encalado (4th), Alex Garee, Logan Hartzell, Anthony Helton (3rd), Marcello Helton (Champion), James Ingle (7th), Carter Jackson, Owen Kasza, Ryan Musgrove (6th), Quentin Ramey, Henry Thompson
2014-15 OH-WAY Novice Team Placing: 2nd Place
2014-15 OH-WAY Novice Placers: 6 - Anthony Helton (Champion), Ryan Musgrove (Champion), James Ingle (2nd), Ryan Avalos (3rd), Hayden Encalado (3rd), Jake Wood (3rd)

2013-14 OAC Qualifiers and Placers: 1 - Ricardo Oviedo (2nd)
2013-14  Novice State Placers: 2 - Ryan Musgrove (3rd), Max Heltzel (4th)

2012-13 OAC Qualifiers and Placers: 3 - Ricardo Oviedo, Drew Newton (8th), Broc Ryan
2012-13 Novice State Placers: 3 - Brayden Butzin (2nd), Jesse Wright (3rd), Ryan Musgrove (4th)

2011-12 OAC Qualifiers and Placers: 1 - Ricardo Oviedo
2011-12 OURWAY Qualifiers (13) and Placers (4): Austin Eick, Alex Garee, Ethan Garee, Josh Herhold (6th), Dalton Limes, Stephen Middleton (2nd), Zac McCauley (2nd), Drew Newton, Broc Ryan, Blake Steele (6th) Cole Steele, Danny Walton, Jesse Wright
2011-12 Novice State Placers: 5 - Ranson Loftis (Champion), Cohen Thistlethwaite (Champion), Quentin Ramey (2nd), Landen Welch (3rd), Ben Grey (4th)